Castle Hill RSL’s commitment to environmental sustainability   

Castle Hill RSL is committed to the highest level in sustainability practices and ongoing management with sustainable practices underpinning our ongoing strategic development and operation.

Warren Glenny, President and Chairman of Castle Hill RSL said, “Castle Hill RSL is proud to be one of the leading Clubs in the industry in environmental sustainability and the launch of our state of the art co generation system recognises our strategic commitment at the highest level – we are proud to be a green club .”

Castle Hill RSL’s environmental sustainability practices were recognised when they were awarded the 10 Year Achievement Certificate as part of the 2010 NSW Green Globe Awards

Examples of the clubs environmental initiatives include:

  • Power Factor Correction Units
  • Load Shedding Units
  • Variable speed drivers for A/C pumps
  • BMS system (Dynalite) on all lighting
  • BMS system (TAC) on air conditioning
  • Soft starters on chillers
  • BMS system for chillers
  • Reconfigured air conditioning intake
  • Reflective roof painting
  • Heat exchangers
  • Air curtains
  • Replaced boilers with heat pumps at C2K
  • Tinted glass
  • Paper and cardboard recycling
  • Installed waterless urinals
  • Water savers on taps
  • Timers on plasmas
  • Water harvesting
  • Water recycling
  • Drain strainers
  • Lighting upgrade
  • Fridge lighting
  • Recycling empty toner cartridges
  • Heat recovery system
  • Landscaping