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Some members, such as Castle Hill Fitness members, may not be able to renew their membership through the online system. If you receive an error while trying to renew your membership online, please renew on your next visit to the club. Thank you

Declaration: I request that you enter my name on the Register of Members as a member in Category Two and agree to be bound by your constitution, Rules and By-Laws, which may be introduced from time to time. I declare that I am over the age of eighteen (18) years and that all of the above are true and correct in all details. Proof of age/verification may be called upon at anytime at the discretion of Management. Subscription is payable with application. A replacement membership card will incur a fee. Membership applies until DECEMBER 31st each year. Renewal of Membership must be paid during December 1st – 31st each year. Player activity statements are available upon request. Your membership remains ‘provisional’ until approved by the Board of Directors. The Company’s constitution is available on request from the Administration area locate on level 4 during business hours. Membership at Parramatta RSL and Lynwood Country Club allows you access to Castle Hill RSL. No Employee who is a member of the Company shall be permitted to: vote at any General Meeting of the Company. Nominate for any position on the Board of Directors. Nominate or second any member for any position on the Board of Directors. Must not play poker machines at anytime, whatsoever. A standard Application Category Two is defined as a financial member who wishes to participate in the social amenities offered by the club, who is not eligible to become a member of the Returned Services League of Australia.