Jin Yan Family Meal Special

Jin Yan Family Meal Special

The whole family will love this delicious special for lunch or dinner every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

CHOOSE ANY 3 DISHES FOR $54.90 (Members Price)

Satay Chicken 沙嗲雞柳
Beef in Black Bean Sauce 豉汁牛肉
Sweet and Sour Pork 甜酸咕嚕肉
Pork Rib in Peking Sauce 京都肉排
Fried Fish Fillet in Sweet Corn Sauce 粟米魚柳
Mixed Vegetables in Oyster Sauce 蠔油雜菜
Fried Eggplant Salt and Pepper 椒鹽茄子
Honey Soy Chicken Nuggets 蜜調醬油炸雞粒
Deep Fried Crispy Skin Chicken 生炸脆皮雞
Beef with Szechuan Sauce 四川牛肉

Includes Complimentary 
Fried Rice or Soy Sauce Noodles 


Only one order per table. Chinese Tea $3pp. Takeaway Container 50c each. Surcharge applies to credit card payments. Dine In only. Public holidays & Show nights excluded. No further discounts apply.


Date Details
May 14th 2024 at 10:00 am - August 31st 2024 at 9:00 pm -