Live Music & DJ at Lucy’s

Live Music & DJ at Lucy’s

Enjoy free live music and DJ at Lucy’s

Belle 5.8.22 Friday 6pm-9pm
Ama Attanayake 6.8.22 Saturday 6pm-9pm
Damian Nasello 12.8.22 Friday 6pm-9pm
Alyssa Cavaleri 13.8.22 Saturday 6pm-9pm
Damian Nasello 19.8.22 Friday 6pm-9pm
Mason Rutzou 20.8.22 Saturday 6pm-9pm
Belle 26.8.22 Friday 6pm-9pm
Charlie Owen 27.8.22 Saturday 6pm-9pm

Our DJ for the month of August is P-Stylez 9pm – until late Fri & Sat


Date Details
Every Friday at 6:30 pm -
Every Saturday at 6:30 pm -