The Club was formed over 40 years ago and for more than 36 years we played on 2 courts at the rear of the RSL Club and Bowling Club on what is now part of the rear car park. The courts were in existence and being played on by us before the RSL was built on the current site.

When the space was required for parking we moved to the Castle Hill Tennis Centre on the corner of Showground Rd and Gilbert Rd about 10 years ago. We are now playing on three courts and if required, we use four.

The Tennis Club plays every Sunday from 9 am until approx. 1230 pm. We play social doubles tennis for both Women and Men. We regularly hold Social functions eg, lunch days at the pavilion or dinners at the RSL.

Membership is open to all current Members of the RSL with the only qualification being that you can play and score the game. We have members with varying abilities in the game.

If you are interested in joining or if you require any further information please phone the President or just roll up one Sunday morning and introduce yourself.


Name Details
Mark Baker
0426 380 833
Ollie Linares
Vice President
Peter Mann
Julie Hopkins