Santa Unveils Hidden Talent

Where’s Wally was noticeably absent on Castle Hill RSL’s stage yesterday as the red-and-white, stripy-socked, singing sensations LAH LAH put on the their Christmas show: Santa’s Got a Brand New Groove. Lucky for us because it meant every single kid was focused on learning about the wonderful world of music and musical instruments, AND most importantly, having fun.

While the kids in the audience danced and sung along to their hearts’ content we did catch a few parents bust out some contemporary dance moves (that we really hope they spent hours practicing in front of the mirror) as LAH LAH performed everyone’s fave Christmas tunes.

Lucky for us ‘You Know Who’ (no, not Voldemort) knows how to play a trombone and is happy moonlighting as a musician in the lead up to his busiest day of the year! We assume he’s been saving to buy Mrs Claus an extra special Christmas gift this year. Regardless, the kids loved this big reveal and it went down a treat!


Check out the full gallery of photos from the show!