No Fowl Play- Cute Chickens Only

No Fowl Play- Cute Chickens Only

What’s that sound?

The gentle chirps of day old chickens underscored our comings and goings at Castle Hill RSL in the lead up to the Easter long weekend. Fourteen tiny balls of fluff graced us with their presence as we learnt about the life cycle of chickens. They huddled under a gigantic heat lamp in their homely glass box.

In the first days of their visit, they would move as one. When one yawned, thirteen other yawns would quickly follow. As one fell asleep standing up, the others would huddle around them to hold them up. A true brotherhood. Our sleepy birds brought us joy and excitement as we watched them grow during their stay with us.

We sadly bid adieu to them after a week as they left us to explore the rest of the world.